Thursday, 23 October 2014

Teh Internet is Serious Business by Tim Price, Royal Court with Kevin Guthrie and Hamza Jeetooa

Teh Internet is Serious Business shows the rise of the infamous ‘hactivist’ group Anonymous and the fall of LulzSec. It also shares an exhilarating, often comical, ride through the physicalised world of memes: Socially Awkward Penguin, Grumpy Cat, Storm Trooper and trolls. Hamish Pirie's hip production makes visible the mischief-making, profile-raising and displaced surrogacy that the cyber-world offers. It is both alienating and communal with chat-rooms, forums and simultaneous action. It explores issues of identity, identity theft and the anarchic thrust of anonymity. The performances are universally good with a strong ensemble. The stylised dance moves signify web addresses, accompanied by vibrant, rhythmic cyber-speak. The set is a riot of primary colours and ball pit as performers emerge or disappear through flaps or rise up from the ‘hell-mouth’ in an elaborate tableaux vivant. Teh Internet is fun, lively, yet serious business too..... 

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